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Live Training

The Hypnosis Academy host live training course around the world, over the years we have taught all over Europe and the USA, we teach all aspects of therapy and performance, click on the courses link to find out more.

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Online Community

We have three dedicated online forums, one for the hypnotic side of things, another for the spiritual and an elevated peer support network for all those that have attended our courses and want the extended support structure.

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Not only are we one of the best training providers in the world, we are also innovators of trend setting techniques and systems. over the years we have created and launched the TNT Therapy system, The Angelic Answers System and Yoganotics as well as The Sales Pathway Protocol for our corporate clients.

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Join our family

one of the greatest attributes of our academy is that not only do our students become highly skilled and proficient in their chosen areas of expertise but they become life long family members, and we are always looking to expand our family, are you ready to be part of something special?

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Chris Gillies - Director and Principle Trainer

Chris Gillies – Dhp, ACMT, POSH, UKHS. Christopher has been a hypnotist for over 20 years. He started his career when he was living in Spain and saw a hypnotist by the name of David Hennessy performing a stage show. this as once sparked his interest and he began his hypnotic journey… As his knowledge grew he started performing stage shows across the costas of Spain to other various locations in Europe and the USA, something that he still does to this day. He is a great believer in the fact that all hypnotherapists should undergo a course in performance hypnosis as it makes you a better therapist and helps build rapport faster. He then moved into Clinical Hypnotherapy work and over the years has had clinics on London’s Harley st. in London’s Bank district and two offices in the South east of England. unfortunately due to the amount of work he is currently doing he has given up the two London locations as there is just not enough time… Back in 2013 he and a colleague started the Hypnosis-Academy and it has gone from strength to strength, with courses teaching subjects like, Past Life Regression, Performance Hypnosis (stage and lecture demos), Clinical Hypnotherapy, Mentoring packages & CPD days with international guest trainers. One of the main reasons people like working and learning from Chris, is that he is a full time professional hypnotist.. what do we mean by that? well most of the training academy’s out there are either being taught by retired hypnotists, who you could argue are a little bit behind the new techniques being used out in the field today or by people that don’t make their primary living with hypnosis / hypnotherapy. This can obviously become detrimental to you as a student who wants to do this full time, as you need to know you can make a good living from your newly acquired skill set. All in all, it makes perfect sense to train with Chris Gillies as you know you are getting one of the very best in the industry.


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