Life Changer or hypnotherapist?

Do you want to be a life changer or a run of the mill hypnotherapist?

This is one of the biggest questions you are ever going to ask yourself when it comes to choosing who you are going to train with.

If you are reading this then you are either a hypnotherapist already who is struggling to get the clients in and make a good enough living with hypnotherapy alone, or you are considering embarking on a new career as a hypnotherapist. Either way you have come to the right place.

At the end of this I’m going to ask you a few questions, and all I ask is that you answer them honestly, if you do, then you are in the right frame of mind to make an intelligent decision about your future.

We all know that these days, there are now stacks of hypnotherapy training providers out there offering to teach you how to be a hypnotherapist. Some of them do a good job and others not so much, in fact we end up retraining quite a few therapists that have come through other channels and have been disappointed at the end results. Are you aware that there are some training providers out there who don’t actually teach their delegates how to hypnotise people!!!! I know right, insane…

Over the years I have worked with and met a lot of hypnotherapists, some of them have spent years learning about the science behind what we do. Now I’m not saying that’s a bad thing but in my own opinion a complete waste of time. Why do I say that, because, I don’t know how an engine works and yet I can drive a car quite happily and have done for 20 years.  If the science of how a car works was that important to the driver then it would be taught when you are learning to drive.

I know it’s a silly analogy but it works for me 🙂 some hypnotherapy training providers spend so long padding out their courses with getting their delegates to learn about the science that they are missing out on teaching the true fundamentals and building blocks of hypnosis, and that is getting the client into a hypnotic state, delivering the specific therapy, using all the tools in their toolbox, emerging their client safely, and changing their lives for the better.

So why are these hypnotherapy training providers running their courses this way? Well quite simply they can charge you more money as they pretend their courses have a higher perceived value. They also tell their students that you cannot conduct a single hypnotherapy session and get life changing results, when I say single I mean a one off session instead of the 4 or 6 sessions they will tell you it takes normally.

Well guess what? Once again this is untrue, the one session wonder is a real thing, and in fact it’s what I do most of, why would you want to spend 4 or 6 sessions when you can do it in one? If you can do it in one, then that means another 4 or 5 people can take those slots and have their lives changed as well. By understanding the method and principles of real hypnotic phenomena you will change more people’s lives than a run of the mill hypnotherapist.

Here at the Hypnosis-academy we do things a little different from the other training providers, not only do we teach you what you really need to know about hypnosis and cut out all the fluff, but we focus completely on you and how you will work with your clients, there is no point in teaching you how to use a very dominant approach (we will show you this as well) if you are a quiet relaxed sort of person, and likewise if you have a big personality we are not going to focus on long drawn out sessions.

And do you know the best part, we cram all of this and so much more into an intense 4 day diploma course… I know crazy right !!!

So here are some questions for you:-


Do you want to become a life changer rather than a run of the mill hypnotherapist?

Do you want to cut all the fluff and really learn how to change lives?

Do you want to learn with likeminded people?

Do you want ongoing support?

Do you want to learn quickly rather than slowly?

Do you want to get out there changing people lives?


If you answered yes to any of the questions above then you need to click on the link below to start you quest and become the next life changer.

Make me a Life Changer


I look forward to working with you 🙂


Chris – Hypnosis- academy