Car sales training package

Well its been a busy 6 months here at the Hypnosis Academy, with the development and final release of our latest corporate training package, specifically designed for the automotive industry. As i`m sure some of you will have been told that i`m no longer teaching hypnosis and have started working as a car salesman… well let me set the record straight, That is not the case. the truth of the matter is I have been working with a major player in the automotive industry here in the UK over the last 6 months in an experiment to see how we can put together a training package specifically designed at high price point products, and training the sales consultants in the art of NLP and a few other secret ingredients 🙂

I`m pleased to announce that the course is now ready, it has been road tested, its results verified and is available to be rolled out to dealerships as of September 2016.

If you know anyone in the automotive industry, please forward this onto them so they can pass it on to the relevant people at the dealerships. They will need to get in contact with me to be granted a password to gain entry to this part of the website as its password protected.


Now dont worry if you are not in the automotive industry, as we have a couple of new courses up our sleeves that are due be released real soon.


keep up the good work everyone and ill chat to you soon


Chris Gillies – Hypnosis Academy