Car Sales Are Changing Forever, Are you ready for it?



Come this way… I’ve got a secret to tell you….

What would you say if I told you there was a way that you could improve the customer experience at your dealership and increase sales at the same time?, and im not taking just about car sales, but also the add-on`s that go with them… over the last 10 months we have been working on system that does just that.

By utilising a specialist set of skills that include body language and how to interpret it, certain linguistic patterns and a deep understanding of how the subconscious mind processes information on an emotive level. Expert Mind Consultant Chris Gillies has ironed out the creases and has put the final touches to a new training course that teaches your entire sales team how to do it.

Remember that the way people buy high price point products is changing year by year; your customers are a lot more tech savvy then they were in the past, and their thought processes have changed to adapt to their more modern surroundings.

We have been road testing this new system since February and have seen fantastic results.

Here is a brief description of what we have achieved during the road test, We started with a salesman with no previous experience of the car sales industry, and placed him at a main dealership, he had no previous customers therefore no return business. As of writing this he has sold over 120 cars. With a penetration of add-on products in and around 90%, how nice would it be for your sales team to be able to replicate these numbers?

Now its time for you to get excited, we will be rolling out this system in the New Year and you can take advantage of this awesome opportunity. All you need to do is send an email to


and request a password for the restricted area of the website. Once inside you will find all the information you need to get started. So when you are ready to take action and move your business forward we look forward to working with you.