Yoganotics & Hypnogym launched

Hi Everyone


As i`m sure you will remember, a few years ago we created the Yoganotics system, well after lots of testing and tweaking we are getting ready to relaunch it to the world.

For those of you that dont know, the simplest way to explain it is a audio file that is played while you are doing your normal Yoga, however the clever mix of music, binaural beats, shamanic beats & positive suggestion, have a profound improvement on your general wellbeing and state of mind as it is implanting these things directly into your subconscious mind. this in turn makes your Yoga sessions even more beneficial, check out our Yoganotics page in the coming weeks for more details.

Its an exciting time for us at the moment because we are also getting ready to launch our HypnoGym system. this works on a similar principle to the Yoganotics system but instead will push you to go that little bit further each time you work out, it works for weight training and cardio and is currently in its testing stage but will be released in the next few weeks as well..

Keep checking back as we will be making announcements soon