July 10, 2015

TNT Therapy

Welcome to the official home of TNT Therapy


TNT stands for Total Neurological Tapping. I chose the name TNT for two reasons.
Firstly, tapping into the neurological pattern, is exactly what we are doing and secondly TNT is another name for dynamite, and as we all know dynamite gets rid of things quickly! just like this system

It is an eyes open therapy and you do not need to hypnotise or relax to make this system work.

I first developed this system around three years ago, it is a variation and combination of the following techniques :-

Havening tm – Created by US neuroscientist Ronald Ruden. and I was first introduced to his system by Mr. Paul McKenna.

EFT – (emotional freedom techniques)Created by Gary Craig, Ordained minister and NLP master practitioner

CMT – (complete mind tapping) Created by Dr. Jonathan Royle


Now even though these systems are great, I thought ” How can I make this work faster and more efficiently for my clients? ” I pondered this question for a few weeks and tried a few ideas, then the eureka moment came and TNT therapy was born

When an event, scenario or experience is perceived as traumatic or very stressful it becomes embedded in our subconscious mind as a pattern. It is however, possible to use this system to effect permanent change?

TNT Therapy is a system designed to change the way the subconscious thinks about a specific thing and to change the memory recall pattern and permanently remove its negative effects from both our mind and body.

It is a powerful tool that can be used to reduce, and more often than not completely eradicate traumatic or stressful memories.


What type of problems can you treat with TNT Therapy?

TNT Therapy has been used successfully to remove Fears & Phobias, Reduce Chronic pain, Eliminate Distressing Memories, Help Victims of Abuse Trauma to remove the emotional attachment, Help to overcome bereavement, Help Trauma Victims, Remove anger of a specific event, Remove food cravings, Reduce PTSD, Panic Attacks and many other problems.


How does it work?

The client brings to mind the event, scenario or experience that causes distress. They then rate the distress on a scale from 0-10 (called a SUD, Subjective Units of Distress scale). TNT distraction techniques are then used. The purpose of TNT Therapy is to remove the distress caused by the recall of the traumatic memory. that in turn combined with a few subtle touches to anchor the client removes the emotional attachment





The Decreasing System

This is what the system was designed to do. are you suffering from a fear or phobia? stress or anxiety? Do you have something that happened to you in the past that you want to move on from? if so then TNT Therapy can help you… you are not alone, and we have helped people just like you to overcome those things.. get in touch with a Practitioner to find out how.Over the last five years this system has proved to be successful in removing or heavily reducing :-

                                  Fears and Phobias, Stress and Anxiety, Abuse Trauma, Pain, Anger Cravings, Panic Attacks…​ and it will help you too……


 The Increasing System

This is obviously the opposite of the Decreasing System. If you are struggling to get motivated, your get up and go has got up and gone. Maybe you are lacking in confidence             or your will power is just too low, then TNT Therapy can help you with this by Increasing your levels in a way that is right for your, enabling you to achieve the things you  want from life.


DIY System

Once you have been to see a trained TNT Practitioner, they will be able to show you exactly how you can use this system yourself in your own time, should you need that little extra boost.


Home Study Diploma Course by Chris Gillies Dhp.

For the first time ever we have decided to release this system as a DVD home study course, until now we only taught this technique at live training events, now you can learn this fantastic , rapid fear, phobia, stress and anxiety system. In the comfort of your own home. 
its quick, easy, never changes and just works. now you can add this to your own toolbox of techniques. not only do you get the Digital Download, but you also get a free pdf copy of my book and a certificate of accreditation from the UK Hypnosis Society… this method has been nicknamed the “Hypnotherapists secret weapon” add it to your skill set now..






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