New Website Launched for 2015

Well its been an exciting time here at Hypnosis-Academy HQ, lots of things coming up before the end of the year…

We have just added a Psychotherapy module to our already popular Hypnotherapy Diploma Course and have also added Life Between Lives, Future Life Progression and Angelic Answers to our Past Life Regression Diploma Course.

Not only this but we have split up our original 2 day course and made the two elements stand alone, we feel that this is a much stronger way to approach these courses and that people on each course are getting more of what they want.

Just when you thought that was enough… we have turned my TNT Therapy into a stand alone course. up till now we only offered it as part of the hypnotherapy diploma course or via home learning. well not anymore. as of this very second you can now attend a full days live training on the subject and have my full time and attention.

We are really excited about all of the upcoming courses.. please remember to sign up to the mailing list and we can keep you informed, as and when we release the course dates….