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Welcome to our blog and do we have some fantastic news from the Hypnosis-Academy HQ.

People ask us all the time about studying to become a Hypnotherapist / Psychotherapist, they ask about how long it takes to complete a course, the type of earning potential and about accreditation. so we decided to lay down the basic answers to these questions in this post once and for all 🙂

There are quite a lot of people out there offering various forms of Hypnotherapy training, some are good and as always in life some not so good. The best way for you to decide if a training provider is the right one for you is to firstly look at the website and make notes about what is being offered and the pricing of the course, then pick up the phone and call them… you would be amazed at the amount of people who just take up the first offer that comes along, only to realize that they are stuck in a 12 month course, only doing one day a month in a classroom with no real hands on experience. (if you are in this situation, continue reading as the solution is coming up) When you are on the phone, ask them if the tutors are current working hypnotherapists… otherwise you could end up with someone who is either using outdated techniques or has not been able to market themselves to make a living out of therapy alone.

This brings me to the second question we get asked, the type of earning potential. unfortunately this is a bit of an open ended answer because there is no real standard we can refer to. The best bet is to look at other therapists in your area and get a gauge on what they are charging, some therapists are charge as little as £20 an hour and others£250 an hour or more. you really need to niche yourselves into a specific area of work, then place yourself as the expert as you will have a higher perceived value to your clients. this is something that we at the Hypnosis-Academy will help you to achieve.

As for accreditation, well this is one of the most talked about topics on social media as people are being told that you need to train with specific company’s to be able to open a practice and start charging for your services as a fully qualified therapist. lets set the record straight, right here, right now….. THERE IS NO OFFICIAL ACCREDITATION, GUILD, SOCIETY OR ANY OTHER BODY IN THE UK…. the truth of the matter is that here in the UK it is a completely unregulated area of work, you can train with whoever and wherever you like. there are no companies that have any sort of legal governance and there are no guidelines on amount of hours undertaken to achieve your qualification.

So with that out the way, lets get onto a solution for you all. we here at the Hypnosis -Academy have tweaked our Hypnotherapy / Psychotherapy Diploma course that we have been teaching for the last few years and are now offering a fast-track service. we are going to be teaching the course over two weekends (4 days). we are going to teach you all you need to know to get out there and working with clients in your area, and best of all, without any scripts… just working with your clients and getting results, after all that is the main objective. once you have read this post click on the link below to see just how much we are giving you. and to make things even easier for everyone we have slashed the course fee so its affordable for everyone. we want everyone to have this opportunity.

I would keep writing here but to be honest i`m too excited for you to see what we are offering, so i`m just going to give you the link so you can see for yourselves. just click the link below 🙂 i`ve also added the links to our Facebook page and forum so remember to come and join us there as well 🙂

Good luck and I look forward to speaking to you soon


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