February 11, 2018



The Spiritual solution to life’s difficult problems.


Hi everyone, and welcome. Well we have finally done it and have launched our Angelic Answers System.

So, let’s start at the beginning. Back in march 2015 I had a discussion with one of my hypnotherapy clients that was having some trouble in her life. She just could not understand why a certain thing kept happing to her, almost as if history would keep repeating its self. In fact every time she managed to get up and dust herself off, BOOM it would happen again.

Now obviously I’m not at liberty to say what the specifics of this thing was due to my confidentiality agreement, but I can tell you that it was holding her back in life and she was generally miserable, unable to really get to grips with life, and was suffering from a form of depression.

Over for following few sessions we worked together to get to the root of what was happening, and although we were making progress, it just wasn’t happening as quickly as we both had hoped. So a change of direction was in order. Now being a hypnotherapist with over 20 years experience, I’m used to using all the tools in my toolbox, for want of a better phrase to get the job done, and as they say there is a tool for every job..

But this time it needed a specialist tool that I didn’t already have, so as in life I was going to have to formulate one.

We sat and chatted about various things and one thing that came up was her belief structure, she was of a strong spiritual belief and relied heavily upon it to get her through her day to day life. So as we chatted I was thinking about how I could use her belief structure to help her move on in life. Now as many of my students will confirm, I have practiced and taught Past Life Regression, Future Life Progression & Life between Lives for many years now.

So would it be possible to use a combination of Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression, Future Life Progression & Life between Lives to get the results we were looking for.

So after we chatted I sat in my office and looked at the different approaches, and things that commonly happen during each of the sessions mentioned above. Then it happened, I had that Eureka moment and Angelic Answers was born.

Here is an outline of how it works. If your client is of a spiritual belief structure, then there are some really powerful elements we can use to help them. The main one being that we all have a spirit guide (some refer to them as angels) that is there to help us through our life, to watch over us and keep us safe.

Now it is possible during a life between lives session to meet these spirit guides (at the start of a life’s journey you appear to have 4 spirit guides that help at different moments in your life, this is why people think their guide has changed, because they do!) and to interact with them as you choose your next life to live.

But imagine this.. What if we could interact with our spirit guides any time we needed to.. Well using this system we can… and why would you want to?..

Because if we follow the belief of how you become a spirit guide, we see that they were once here walking the earth in one form or another, and to become a spirit guide and not be reincarnated again, you have to of learned all life’s lessons. So if they have learned all life’s lessons and between the four guides you have on a life’s path, then they must have the answers to your questions and problems…

That’s it.. By using this system we can go and ask the spirit guides directly. And that’s exactly what we did. I took my client to the place where she could get the answers she needed, and to this day the problem she had, has never returned. Obviously it a little more complicated than I have outlined here but you can get the basic idea.

Since March 2015 we have been using this system to help people that prefer a spiritual therapy and have seen fantastic results, and in some cases better than we were getting with standard hypnotherapy alone.

To learn more about it, and how it help you please head to the courses section of this site.