Past Life Regression Diploma Course

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This course is going to turn you into a Hypnotist & Past Life Regressionist. It will enable participants to gain a practical ‘hands-on’ understanding of Hypnosis – i.e. what it is and how it can be used effectively as a ‘tool’ for help and development of others.

Upon completion of this two day course, the students will receive diplomas in past life regression / Life between Lives / Future Life Progression and Angelic Answers. this is by far the most intensive 2 day course on the market.. prepare to be shocked, as we make you unconsciously competent in this field.


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Welcome to our Past Life Regression Diploma Course, the ultimate double diploma course available.


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This Past Life Regression Diploma Course is going to turn you into a Hypnotist & Past Life Regressionist. It will enable participants to gain a practical ‘hands-on’ understanding of Hypnosis. What it is and how it can be used effectively as a ‘tool’ for help and development of others.

Earn The Certification That Adds Value To Your Services.

  • Gain access to the techniques once considered improbable by the medical industry that are now a cornerstone of therapeutic practice designed to elicit powerful life altering emotions and experiences.                         
  • Uncover the complexity of the human mind and learn to utilize hypnosis to unlock a mental state capable of bringing about powerful past life experiences that will allow your subjects to experience new levels of self-understanding…                                                                                                                                                   
  • Learn the effective strategies necessary to guide individuals through past life regression visualizations and awareness while in trance state while asking the right questions and maintaining a safe therapeutic environment..
  • Add this technique to your existing work to create a lasting foundation of change for your clients and develop a full approach to hypnosis that fosters lasting results…
  • Gain a skill that’s CONSTANTLY in demand and a vital asset to any therapeutic program. This certification is an excellent choice for life coaches, therapeutic mentors, beginning and advanced hypnotists, and psychologists working in therapeutic settings…

This Powerful Therapeutic Component Helps You And Your Clients Embrace Past Life Experiences And Elicit Change More Powerfully Than Ever Before!


Help Others Access Their Past Lives And Discover The Correct Practice Of A Unique, Transformative Practice

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Professional Certification Will Give You The Tools You Need To Help Others Meet Their Natural Desire To Heal Their Own Past…

Past Life Regression Certification is a program designed for new and beginning practitioners of PLR.

This 2 day live training unlocks and applies the teachings of ancient wisdom, applying them within a hypnotic lens to help you help others match their desire to heal their own past, mend traumatic experiences, confront repressed emotions, and enact positive change in all areas of life.

This program is…

Ideal For Any Medium, Spiritual Coach, Counselor, Hypnotist Or Mentor Working With Clients Who Desire Lives Full Of Meaning, Abundance, Opportunity Or More…


Previous Knowledge Of Hypnosis, Therapy, Or Psychology Is Not Required! Learn This Approach To PLR Hypnosis And Discover…

  • How to overcome the apprehension subjects will have before PLR and develop a clear path toward helping your clients understand the process using concepts from their own cosmology…
  • How to explain PLR to your clients and help them enter the experience without the mystical and magical trepidation that many clients bring into the PLR therapeutic process…
  • How to approach PLR from the perspective of emotion, experiences, and memories and how to help clients embrace those memories to erase present-day difficulties…
  • How to find your role in the therapeutic process so that you understand how to appropriately react to emotions you’ll uncover in your patient’s past life and how to direct those reactions toward a positive outcome…
  • How to specifically address and begin to uncover the meaning behind your subject’s experiences and why you need to understand all of the misconceptions behind both hypnosis and past life regression before you begin to practice…
  • How to handle client misconceptions and negative expectations and the reasons why most untrained PLR Hypnotists fail to create change for their subjects…
  • How to set up and implement a hypnotic induction ideal for Past Life Regression and how to achieve the necessary trance level (alpha state) that you need to maintain client response while building a bridge to past live experience…
  • How to follow or build your own introduction and hypnotic induction sequences that are guaranteed to help your clients feel at ease, understanding, and ready to experience PLR therapy…
  • How to create an ending script to end your PLR hypnotic sessions and the considerations you need to take to create a positive experience for your clients…

Learn How To Induce The Correct Hypnotic State And Guide Clients To Visualize, Feel, And Interpret Past Life Experiences

When you expand your career and understanding by becoming a Past Life Regressionist, you allow your clients a new door into their reasoning behind their thoughts and actions.

Don’t simply follow a script or use second-hand techniques to work through PLR sessions with clients! Learn with one of the best trainers in the industry, and gain insight into how to modify what you learn to match the specific needs and situations you’ll find yourself in.

Here’s Exactly What You’ll Learn As A Student On This Certification Course:

  • The 4 vital misconceptions of Past Life Regression and the initial considerations you need to make before ever even thinking about using this method for yourself or practice…
  • A complete and unbiased look at life from the point of view of reincarnation and why PLR techniques don’t have to be about religion to be effective at uncovering lessons from repressed past life experiences.
  • The reason why only a small number of people go to hypnotists with positive expectations and how to approach your role as the expert decision and opinion shaper who will define the therapeutic experience.
  • 3 Major Questions that you need to answer correctly before you ever start a session with a client or risk NEVER having an effective PLR hypnosis session)…
  • Know the real reason “knowledge can set you free” and understand the vital linkage between knowledge, experiences from past lives, and the liberation of mental and emotional states.
  • The specific imaginative types (there are five) that you’ll find in a clinical setting and how to interpret the output from each of these subject types
  • A pre-talk outline that you can follow word for word or make your own for client sessions and a complete discussion of the importance of pre-talk in a therapeutic setting.
  • 4 Hypnotic Induction Techniques ideal for a trance-state that will help bridge the present to past life experiences and uncover the emotional and mental underpinnings of your clients.
  • 2 Past Life Regression Scripts that you can’t overlook and the framework of a session to eradicate the need for a script at all.
  • How to successfully end a PLR session with out inducing a hypnotic hangover.
  • 12 components of a basic pre-talk script and the considerations you should make before introducing a client to the powerful past life experiences that may transform their therapeutic session with you.
  • And Much, Much, More!

Day 1 – Your first day will start with a talk about hypnosis, what it is, how it works & what we can do with it. this will give you the understanding of key principles, that you will need in order for you to be able to create hypnotic states in others. We will teach you the mind model, pre-talks for inductions and learn about ab-reactions.

Once you have mastered that you will move onto learning, Convincers & Suggestibility tests, these are techniques and skills you need to be able to demonstrate and use hypnosis, any place, any where, any time and of course, how you can adapt them to become inductions. you will then practice on the other delegates.

Practice makes perfect, and in a controlled environment it is the prime opportunity to use your new skills and perfect the technique.

You will then move onto learning how to induce and deepen the trance state, quickly and safely. You will be taught inductions that can be conducted in less than 5 mins. Once you have been shown how to do it, its your turn.

Day 2 – After taking the evening to absorb all of the information of the previous day, you will have the chance for a short Q&A session, just in-case there are any questions.

Now you have the ability to induce and deepen the trance state, you are going to be taught how to conduct,

  • Past life regression Sessions
  • Life between Lives
  • Future Life Progression
  • and the Angelic Answers System

now some of you may have never even contemplated this before, but there are a lot of people out there who are interested in having these sessions done.

Upon completion of the Past Life Regression Diploma Course, we will award you a certificate of course attendance and diplomas in all the listed areas.

Then we are going to show you exactly what you need to do next, with the skills you have learned over the last two days, so many training providers just teach the basics and leave you to fend for yourself, well not at the Hypnosis-Academy. you are going to be given the ideas and approaches to be able to leave this course, feeling confident in your own ability and to start making a new life with your awesome new talent.

Once you book onto this amazing life changing Past Life Regression Diploma Course we will send you all of the information you need for the event via email… we cant wait to see you there.

Additional Information

Course Location & Dates

West Wickham 29th & 30th August 2015, Ashford 31st Oct – 1st Nov 2015


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